Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Download Odin Tool (All Versions)

Samsung’s Odin tool works only with a Windows PC. If you are a Mac or Linux user, you can use Heimdall or the Java version of the Odin tool from below.

Download Odin Tool (All Versions)

Since the success rate of flashing files with Odin differs according to Odin versions, you should always use either the Odin version recommended by the tutorial you are following, or Odin v1.85, Odin v3.09, or Odin 3.10.
Odin_v3.09.zip (recommended for JB/KitKat)
Odin3_v3.10.6.zip (recommended for Lollipop)

Samsung Firmware Flashing Tools for Mac and Linux

Mac and Linux users can use the following tools for flashing stock firmwares, CF-Rootpackages and other .tar files.


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