Saturday, March 5, 2016

ANDROID ဖုန္းေတြအတြက္ အသံုးဝင္ LX MULTI TOOL

Android ဖုန္းေတြအတြက္ ဘက္စံု သံုးႏိုင္တဲ႔ Tool ေလးပါ... ဆားဗစ္သမားေတြအတြက္ အသံုးဝင္ေစမွာပါ...။

Due to the fact that there is another tool for Android called Android Multi Tools, I decided to rename this one to Lx Multi Tool, future releases will go under this name.



    - Unlock/Lock Bootloader
    - Flash Recovery Menu (you can choose and add recoveries) - TWRP Included
    - Flash any partition (Flashing submenu)
    - Flash full Stock images (you can choose and add images)
    - Erase partitions (you can choose which of the partitions)
    - Reboot (you can choose again...)


    - Sideload .zip files (you can choose and add .zip files) - SuperSU v2.56 (Systemless!) included
    - Backup (you can choose the name and place for your backup)
    - Restore (you can choose your backup)
    - Version (it just shows the version of your adb binaries) - platform-tools 23.0.1 included
    - Logs (DMESG and Logcat)
    - Screenshots (you can directly take screenshots to your PC with no Root)
    - Reboot (lots of choices)


    - Refresh and delete files/folders from menus (Right click or key F5 and Del)
    - Open tool folders from the menus (to add your own kernel/stock image/recovery/sideload zip files)
    - Tab key support for easier keyboard navigation
    - Tool-tips for all buttons
    - Check for updates
    - Link to xda-thread (here)


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