Wednesday, March 16, 2016

English Spoken Pattern - 3

There’s no way ( sub + Verb ).

There’s no way you finish on time.
There’s no way we complete on time.
There’s no way your mother approves.
There’s no way no one claims it.”
There’s no way they expect it.
There’s no way he can fix it.
There’s no way he can handle the news
There’s no way your brother injured his ankle.
There is no way that horse jumps it.
There is no way he missed it.”

That’s why + (subject + verb)

That’s why people admire you.
That’s why she appears so happy.
That’s why babies crawl before they can walk.
That’s why Pam cries at sad movies.
That’s why you fail to understand.
That is why you help out people in need.
That is why you try and include everyone.
That is why you lock your doors when you leave home.
That is why she smiles when you walk by.
That is why you use it for emergencies.

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