Saturday, April 2, 2016

ေန႔စဥ္သုံး Idiom မ်ား

No dice = အလုပ္မျဖစ္ဘူး။ 
so far no dice
အခုအထိေတာ့ အလုပ္မျဖစ္ေသးဘူး။
So far = till now ( ယခု အထိ )
Sorry guys , no dice.
စိတ္မေကာင္းဘူး ကြာ... အလုပ္မျဖစ္ဘူး.။
'Did you get that job?' 'No dice'
no dice ( US ) informal
something that people say when you may not or cannot do something
I asked if we could go to the party, but Mom said no dice.
ပါတီ သြားလုိ႔ ရမလားလုိ႕ အေမကုိ ခြင့္ေတာင္းတာ အေမက အျပတ္ျငင္းလုိက္တယ္။
- Will do / won't do
This will do .
ဒါ ဆုိရင္ ရျပီ ။ ဒါနဲ႕ ျဖစ္ျပီ။
This won't do .
ဒီလုိ လုပ္လုိ႕မရဘူး ။ ဒါနဲ႕ မျဖစ္ဘူး။
That will do.
said to mean that you do not want any more of something
"More peas?" "No, that'll do, thank you."
That will do, Charles. I don't want to see any more of that kind of behaviour.
Have nothing to do with .
ဘာမွ မဆုိင္ဘူး။
I will have nothing to do with such people.
အဲ့လုိ လူစားမ်ိဳးေတြနဲ႕ မပတ္သက္ခ်င္ဘူး။
Don't scold him. He has nothing to do with the loss of the ring.
သူ႕သြားမဆူေနနဲ႕။ လက္စြပ္ေပ်ာက္တာ သူနဲ႕ ဘာမွ မဆုိင္ပါဘူး။
It’s my decision—it has nothing to do with you
This is our concern alone, this is nothing to do with you!
Bob will have nothing to do with Mary since she quit her job.
Ref: Model Idiomatic sentences by U Aung Kyaw


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